Instructions for Heated Wheat Bags Make, Do & Mend Yourself 27/4/17

Natural Wheat Bags with Lavender Flowers

Heated wheat bags can give pain relief for back, joint & muscle pain and cramps. Or use as a cold compress to get relief from sports injuries, swellings, headaches &migraines. The fresh, sweet aroma of lavender has calming and healing qualities and can help you relax.

Instructions for Heating the Wheat Bag

Heating in a microwave:
The first 2 or 3 times you warm up your wheat bags in the microwave the walls will be very damp as the initial moisture cooks out. It is a good idea to wrap a hand towel around the Wheat bag when you first heat it –this will help draw out the moisture.

It is recommended that a little water in a cup is put with the Wheat bag when it is being heated in a microwave. This stops the wheat grains from over drying and helps them retain heat and it will extend the wheat bag life.
Remember microwaves tend to heat unevenly so you should mix the grains up by mashing the bag around in your hands before use. Bags should be heated for between 45 seconds to 2 minutes. Don’t overheat the Wheat bag

PLEASE NOTE-all microwaves are different so ‘test’ it a couple of times for more or less time to see what works for you. Use caution when first using it – as it may come out very hot

OR – you can place the Wheat bag on a hot radiator for 30-60 minutes (or longer if necessary). Only use on water filled radiators.

Ovens:- place the bag in tin foil, sprinkle a few drops of water on to the bag, and close the tin foil (but not tight) around the bag. Heat for 15 minutes at 175c or 325f, turning every 5 minutes. For a fan oven, temperatures should be reduced accordingly.

To use as a cold compress, cool in the fridge or freezer (in a plastic bag) for an hour or so.


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