Meanwhile Club offers creativity and community through working with plants.

London is full of time rich and time poor people. The divide is growing between the two. Meanwhile Club offers easily accessible, enjoyable workshops in very public places (street markets, parks & bars) or corporate boardrooms and co-working spaces. Our clients include WeWork, The Womens Institute, several central London Business Improvement Districts and smaller community projects in Waterloo.

Delivering popular Family Allotment workshops since 2008, Bridget and Frances noticed that parents often gained more from activities than the children they brought along. It seemed that despite being extremely busy many Londoners had a real thirst for learning and desire to connect with nature.

Meanwhile Club was developed to make this connection in a simple way for adult participants. Fostering wellbeing through growing for Londoners in the most convienient way possible.

Our feedback has been very positive (see below) and seventy people took part in our first public workshop.

These workshops reminded me why I love living in London”

Excellent workshop – easy to understand and a great product to take home.”

The best workshop in London, I became completely zen with my little plant and garden, I would recommend this to everyone”